Coronavirus Catch Up Premium and Risk Assessment

Coronavirus Catch Up Premium

The government has given schools Coronavirus Catch Up Premium Funding to support pupils who have fallen behind in the pandemic. Full details of the DFE funding can be found here.

We are required to publish on our website the following information in relation to the funding:

How it is intended that the grant will be spent?

  • Additional TA support to increase in class support and interventions in all year groups.
  • Additional support and focussed time to practise basic core skills. Some children will be supported by additional staffing.
  • Particular focus on early reading and phonics. This is always a focus in the school and will continue to be so in order to develop children’s reading ability and vocabulary.
  • Assessment of learning and of basic skills to identify major gaps. Teachers will work to identify gaps in learning and adapt teaching accordingly. Teachers will use the results of assessment to focus on key children who need a targeted intervention delivered by class teachers, or teaching partners.
  • Time spent on mental health, wellbeing and social skills development. This will be at the core of all catch up work as many children will have not been in formal school setting for a number of months. REST resources to assess resilience & wellbeing (linked to Jigsaw PSHE scheme).
  • Developing staff through cpd in order to support the children further.

The plan is an evolving one.

We intend to spend the early part of the Autumn term welcoming children back to school and settling them into the routines and expectations of school life, both socially and academically.

The later part of the Autumn term will be characterised by in-class support, using our teachers and teaching partners to offer pre-learning, over-learning and support groups.

As we move into the Spring term and beyond we will be looking at additional support for some pupils identified through assessments and pupil conversations.

How the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at the school will be assessed?

  • In class formative assessment.
  • Baseline & Gap analysis information from start of T1-2 as to priority needs and feed this into planning.
  • Seasonal data analysis and regular pupil conversations.
  • End of year assessments.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment